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After sentry and two of her friends manged to save me and my friends they decided to bring us to vinyl ,i knew vinyl she banished me and my friends , we held a grudge against her ,we were banished 17 ft below the surface we never saw the light of day since that day. but we still managed to make others filled with excitement until one day there was a death where i was located
and yet everyone blamed me for killing someone but i tried to tell them that i didn't do it and they didn't believe me they put us out of order and abandoned us .but my friends agreed that i never did that i did not open up to anyone since that day .today when sentry introduced me to vuitton and said that we can work with him in his concert tomorrow i became very nervous and sent me to a flashback of what i have witnessed ,but i tried not to think about it ,vinyl accepted our apology for what happened.
The next day it was time to put on a show with our new attire that vuitton gave us when we went on stage i felt both excited and nervous as we all entertained in the concert everyone in the crowd was adoring my friends while half of them weren't sure of me i brought me back to that day ,when they passed the singing to me i had to run off the stage due to me not feeling ok and having that social anxiety i always had and sentry soon found me again and asked me if i was ok i lied to her saying that im ok 
but sentry looked through me and found out that i was not ok , i told her what i've been through sentry comforted me and told me that she was there as child when that happened and never blamed me for anything and told me to stay confident and determined 
and get back on stage . i went back on the stage and when they passed that note to me i sang with confidence and everyone cheered our names out i felt like i was complimented by many others i looked in the crowd and i noticed a fan getting ready to throw a rose at me ,i was flattered when he threw the rose when the concert was over i had many fans there meeting me and my friends and the fan who threw the rose at me was there also he told me that his name is lytro and told me if i can talk to him again and the other fans asked me for a signature that day was a great day in my life too and i have a neverending dream of someone who flatter me i was never that flattered in my life.


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United States
I'm a person with lots of nervous tension and anxiety and negativity but I am also friendly emotional and a nervous wreck who hides very often from others but show great actions



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